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WAREHOUSE prices !!!

Back by more than 20 years of service and experience, MORGAN enr has become a reference in refinishing supplies and tools for leather, vinyl, plastic and velour for automotive , marine, aeronautic, residential and commercial.

Our business offers a complete selection of SEM Products, STEINEL, FITZGERALD’S, GREX Airbrush, PREVAL and more. Our products are chosen for their high quality and efficiency.

We offer individual training for the use of our products in order to insure perfect repair of all damage on elements of plastic, leather, vinyl and velour. The technics for repair are provided by two qualified instructors during which the technician acquiers the knowledge and know-how necessary based on the practice.

In order to always be kept up to date in the latest innovation, we suggest and offer clinics to refresh and update with hints and ways to better maximize your material. Our team will gladly guide you according to your needs.

Quality in our products! Quality in our service!